Setting Goals in your Football Journey

What Is A Goal?

According to the dictionary the exact definition of a goal is: A goal is an aim or objective that you work toward with effort and determination.

I challenge you to make a list of 2-3 goals that you would like to accomplish in the next 90 days. Give your goals some serious thought so that these are what we call SMART goals.

S – Specific (and simple)

M – Measurable (how will we know when you’ve achieved it)

A – Action Oriented (what action will you do in achieving this goal)

R – Realistic (by your own efforts; goals that you are not dependent on someone else’s actions in order to achieve them)

T – Time bound (when will you complete it by)

Here is an example: You might have this goal: Improve my ball skills

Applying the SMART method, define the goal even further:

Improve my accuracy when passing the ball (Specific)

I will practice, by repetitively kicking balls against a target trying to improve my accuracy (Action Oriented)

I will spend 30 mins every afternoon for the next 90 days, kicking a target (Measurable )

by June 1st (Time Bound).

Ask yourself, is this Realistic?

Why Setting Goals is important

1. Goals Give You Focus

Without a goal, no matter how small it might seem, can cause us to be distracted or complacent with the direction that we wish our lives to head. We can get lost and lose focus, resulting in not getting what it is we are truly wanting or the direction in which we want our lives to go. Think of it as your road map! Lets say we are wanting to travel from Sydney to Melbourne, we need to know what roads to take, where will we stop along the way, how much money we need for expenses etc. Setting your goals will help you know where you are heading, what you need to achieve your goal and ensure that we get there.

2. Goals Help You Measure Progress

When we are able to measure our progress it becomes extremely rewarding and will help you maintain focus, keeping you motivated to keep pushing forward. The struggles becomes easier and we can see how far we have come, we soon realise that each small step has moved us forward no matter how small or big the step is .

3. Goals Help You Stay Motivated

Motivation comes from wanting to achieve something. When we stay focused on what that is, we find an inner strength or desire to keep going no matter how challenging it may be.

4. They Help You Beat Procrastination

We all know that feeling of wanting to put things off until tomorrow, but when we have a goal and know that there is a timeline involved inn achieving that goal it can help us to keep going, to push ourselves when we could easily put it off for another day or time, It helps to make us accountable, having a goal will help you get past procrastination and move closer to achieving what it is you want!

5. You Achieve Even More

When you set a goal and reach it, it gives you a sense of victory. You will want to achieve that feeling of accomplishment again.

Working towards meeting and surpassing goals helps you achieve way more than you ever thought possible, and gives you the desire to do even better. Think of it like a stepping stone.

6. Goals Help You Determine What You Want In Life

By setting goals it forces you to contemplate what you truly want in your life.

What is the level of success you want to achieve? What does your future look like?

By setting this end goal, you then break your desires down into attainable, measurable goals. Think of it as baby steps that will eventually get you to where you should be in life, where you have made the decision to go, where you have the power and control over your own destiny.

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