Football, The Universal Language

Today Adam Casey's Football Academy ( ACFA) attended a local high school to hang out with the students in the Intensive English Program.

It was really cool to see the class cheer as Adam was introduced, to the boys. Adam then talked a little about his Football career and answered a few questions, followed by a fun game of football in the school gym.

It was amazing to hear that some students were engaging and smiling at school, for the first time. This is what ACFA is about, bringing joy, friendships and sense of belonging through the love of FOOTBALL.

As part of our vision to give back to the community, ACFA has offered 8 enthusiastic students the opportunity to have a small group training session next week with Adam. From this session, we will be looking at offering one or more students/players a position in our "Phoenix Casey Scholarship Program" (10 free individual training sessions).

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