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Refugee & Multicultural Program

Over a quarter of the population were born overseas and 20% of people speak a language other than English at home. At ACFA we will be looking at a range of initiatives and support programs to work with the Refugee & Migrant communities in the Illawarra. 


We at ACFA know how important it is to have support and like-minded people around you in order to reach your full potential. We understand that there are many refugees and migrants who have arrived in Australia with very little and may be struggling with fitting into their local community.  We also know how football is a much-loved sport throughout the world and is a platform for unity and making friends.

This is where ACFA will be offering our services to help bridge the gap, as we believe that Team Sports increase long-term happiness.

Athletes who play team sports are healthier — and more satisfied with life. One study found that physical activity (specifically playing sports) had a significant influence on the life satisfaction of participants. Part of this may be that being a part of a team gives athletes a sense of belonging. Social interaction produces strong feelings of self-identity, which increase happiness.

Multiculturalism is the peaceful coexistence of a culturally diverse or multiethnic population in a country. In some cases, children from ethnic minorities or immigrant families can take time in getting accustomed to a new environment. This may get reflected in their sporting opportunities. ACFA would like to help make that transition easier for anyone wanting to be involved in the game we love, FOOTBALL!

Individuals, businesses, or community services who may be interested in joining or sponsoring our program are welcome to contact us at for more information or complete the form below.

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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