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Adam Casey's Football Academy Your Journey Begins Here

Developing Rising Stars

Welcome to Adam Casey's Football Academy. Take a look through our site to learn about what we can offer your Child, Club, or School, our dedicated team, important news and updates, and much more.

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About Adam Casey's Football Academy

Offering A Holistic Approach To Football Coaching

Our journey into beginning the ACFA program began like many ideas do, from a man’s wife! Kylie saw the untapped knowledge, experience, and skill set that Adam had locked away inside him.  Under 2% of kids that play the world's most popular sport become full-time professional players. Adam did that, despite numerous injuries and psychological setbacks. What we came to realise is that being elite in football takes more than having a rocket left-foot strike, having the ball on a string when dribbling, or the vision of a hawk.  The difference between young and experienced athletes alike is mental. The majority of football is thinking and decision-making. Obviously, skills, athleticism, and technical ability are a must, and we can help with that. We can also provide first-hand experience and insight into the emotional and mental side of the game that can only be passed on from having been there and done that. There is no other way period. That’s what makes us different, we aim to work on all aspects of football development through our youth coaching. 


We aim to provide a holistic approach to the development of young footballers. Body, mind, and soul.  This means your child will develop in any healthy area of their life they put their interest in. While we strive for a young player to be in that 2%, if they don’t though we haven’t done our job unless your child has gained more than proper technique in striking the ball, they have gained skills for life that will last a lifetime. Helping young players reach their full potential, which is as unlimited as the stars.

We can pass on the mental attitude that is required to succeed as a professional athlete. As a client,  you have the luxury of tapping into Adam's first-hand experiences,  the highs, and lows, and how to make it as a professional footballer!


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